Will you be attending a wedding in the Gillingham, Dorset area in 2017?

It’s often said in the hospitality trade that people don’t travel in January – but that they PLAN to travel.  And I’ve certainly found this to be true this week;  the phone has been ringing off the hook with people making enquiries and booking as far ahead into 2017 as October!

Image from NotontheHighStreet

It’s very exciting to see the names filling up on the booking system and the #1 reason that people give at the moment when they tell me why they’re coming to Gillingham is … to attend a wedding. It’s such a beautiful area that I can absolutely see why happy couples would choose to get married around here and obviously lots of brides and grooms-to-be sent out their “save the date” reminders and invitations with their Christmas cards.  So we’re looking forward to welcoming lots of wedding guests to ‘Sunflowers’ this year – please do give me a call and book in as soon as your plans get finalised,  as the summer Saturdays are filling up fast!

Remember, our direct bookings always get the best prices as well as lots of little extras, such as an early check in if needed (we understand that you want to get ready for the wedding) and perhaps a glass of Prosecco to help get the party started. Please contact us – let me check the calendar and then you can tick that job off your January “To Do” list and start planning your outfit!



A life in the day at a Dorset B&B!

wp-1479150951574.jpgHello and welcome to the ‘Sunflowers’ blog – typed as we begin our first season of hosting via Airbnb. So far we have welcomed our first two sets of guests and tonight we play host to our third – a French family from the city of Tours.  I studied French at school and am a little rusty now … but I’ll do my best to help Charles and Cathy get settled in!

I’ll be blogging here from time to time to provide a little of the flavour as to what it’s like to run a home based B&B in Dorset, as well as referencing local events and activities and hopefully providing you with an idea as to  what you can expect from a stay with us.